Asosiasi Perusahaan Pembiayaan Indonesia


- Fostering and providing services to members to develop appropriate financing services business owned by the authority and the provisions in force in Indonesia.
- Enhancing cooperation, exchange of information and the attitude of togetherness among the members of the Association as well as with government or other third parties, so as to create good relationships and harmony.
- Enhancing the role Financing Agency as an alternative financing in Indonesia and contribute to the advancement of national economy.
- Providing opinions and advice to the Government in creating a healthy business climate for industry and competitive financial services business in Indonesia and fight for common interests of its members.
- Representing finance companies in Indonesia in the interests of the discussion of financing industrial development both at home and abroad.


- ASSOCIATION OF CORPORATE FINANCE INDONESIA make as the main forum for exchanging ideas and information, and gather, conduct research and process material information relating to the problems of the Financing Agency in the broadest sense.
- Accommodate and discuss the problems faced by members in the areas of financing and, if necessary, their opinion to the Government both at central and regional levels and / or other institutions authorized.
- Providing information, advice, education, training, and guidance and service to its members, in order to improve the capability and human resource skills of the members to meet the required professional manpower.
- Establish committees as may be necessary both at national and regional levels in order to launch activities / events FINANCE COMPANIES ASSOCIATION OF INDONESIA.
- Promote cooperation and good relations with the Institution / Agency / Institute of Government and private, both inside and outside the country as long as not contrary to the principles and objectives FINANCE COMPANIES ASSOCIATION OF INDONESIA, and in a way that does not conflict with applicable legislation.
- Perform other endeavors as long as not contrary to the principles and objectives FINANCE COMPANIES ASSOCIATION OF INDONESIA.